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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> for continuing coverage of the israeli / palestinian conflict, stay with al jazeera america, your global news leader. ♪ humanitarian pause or distraction, there is a limited truce in gaza in the third hour. and strong condemnation of israeli attack on a u.n. school in gaza, washington calls it disgraceful and u.n. says it's criminal. ♪ hello i'm laura and this is al jazeera live from doha and also on the program, a syrian government tries to crush strongholds at the capitol and dozens killed in the latest
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fighting. and tens of thousands of iraqs minorities flee as the islamic state gains more ground. ♪ it's the third hour of what israel calls humane tarn pause in gaza and the truce will apply to the gaza strip where there is no current military activity but it continues in other areas with one child killed and 30 injured in an attack on a reference guy camp in northern gaza. let's get more from nicole john'ston and she is near the unit and nicole show us what is happening there. >> right now there are hundreds of people coming here to try and look at their houses to see if they are standing and get what possessions are under the rubble
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and the camera man will show you behind us. for the next 300, 400 meters down this main street you can see just destruction there. there were residential houses were are told and a few shops as you get closer into the town, everywhere houses are knocked down and we can see where the tanks have been and positioned up on mounds and firing in the town and 100 bodies were pulled out of here and this area was cutoff for almost a week for fighting and we will meet a resident here who was actually born in this town and thanks for joining us on al jazeera. >> how. >> reporter: how is it to walk in today and see what has happened to your village? >> when i came back to me village i was shocked and never imagined i would see my village
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in such a picture, such an image, everything has been destruction totally, i'm really shocked. >> reporter: do you think you can rebuild this? it looks as though there is nothing less how do you go about rebuilding a life out of this? >> we will rebuild the village but it will take us a lot of time and we have the buildings here and the sooner we will come back and we will be able to live minimum requirements of life. >> reporter: what happened to your family during the fighting? >> about 40 persons of my family have been killed in this war. most of them are children, all people, and i think what happened here is a disaster. i never imagined this peaceful
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village will be targeted in such a way. people have been targeted, buildings, animals, everything, everything on the land was targeted. >> reporter: also a lot of palestinian fighters and reports go in this area and taking on the israeli army and what do you have to say about that? what did you see. >> i left this area the last day with the village. there was no fighting. no military arches from our site from the army. when i say that i'm honest when i say that. >> reporter: you have a bag there of a few things and looks like you have taken out. >> yeah, i just went back to my home to get some of my stuff for my kids and wife to help us. >> reporter: so what will you do now? what is your plan? >> really, i'm confused. right now i cannot decide what
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is going to be in the close future, but at least i will be able to manage and to manage my life. >> reporter: this village was also in the 2008, 2009 war and how does this compare with then? >> we compare nowadays more construction. about fully destruction here. in 2008 and 9 we could manage and with minimum of requirements of life. but nowadays in this village, no way, no way, no electricity, no water supply, nothing available in this village. >> reporter: thank you for joining us on al jazeera. so behind me you can see there are a lot of people carrying what they can out of here, women with bags, mattresses, a few clothes and we walked through the village about 2-3 kilometers
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to the end and eastern extremity and on other side of the road they are all houses that have been almost completely destroyed or heavily damaged. >> nicole johnston is live and thank you very much. meanwhile israel is coming under increased pressure for the strike on a u.n. school on sunday, at least ten people were killed, the u.n. called it a criminal act and israel's main ally the u.s. is describing this as disgraceful and we report. >> reporter: chaos at best caused by an israeli drone. this mobile phone video was shot just minutes after the strike and witnesses say a missile was fired at a motorcycle parked meters from a u.n. school being used as a shelter. several people were killed and
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dozens wounded and 3 1/2 million live in schools like this across the gaza strip and meant to be safe havens that have been targeted by fire at least three times. the schools used as shelters are clearly full of children, children who are killed and injured in the attack. he shows me the footage he filmed moments after the drone strike and tells me what he saw. >> translator: the street was full of children, bikes by the shop at the main gate, what do they do, they are only kids and so many dead and so many hurt. >> reporter: most injured were brought here first, this is the kuwait hospital and his obstet tricks and betz and it has treated many of people and many
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in the outdoor car park that is a triage. >> for receiving this huge number of the injured and in most cases they are transferred to the hospital and the road is difficult and ambulances. >> reporter: the worst fighting in resent days between friday and sunday morning more than 200 people were killed, many of them children. i'm with al jazeera, rafa. well, israel's main ally spoken out against the u.n. school attack in rafa and we have details from washington d.c. >> reporter: attack on a u.n. school, this time in rafa where gazas had been told they would be safe and u.s. stresses they must do more to avoid casualties
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and it says the suspicion that militants are operating nearby does not justify strikes that put at risk the lives of so many civilians. from the u.n. a spokesman for the secretary general moon called the unrest school shelling another gross violation of international law. u.n. agency for palestinian refugees also denounced the attack. >> there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that precaution and control and protection are being taken including by the israeli defense force when engaging in gaza. >> reporter: israel and destroying gaza is also complete and air strikes will continue and israel says it will not participate in cease fire talks in cairo. the ambassador to the u.s. and speaking on television says the priority now is to see hamas is unable to rearm in the future. >> we don't want to see us
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leaving and allowing hamas to use the time to rearm thousands of rockets and tunnels and we need effective mechanism to prevent hamas from refueling war machines. >> reporter: they are calling leaders to work toward a political solution and the only hope for lasting peace. it's a view the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. supports. >> if we allow peace and negotiation to take place under abas, if we empower this government we will be able to move gradually from the situation of confrontation and fighting into the situation of lifting this tragedy and block it against our people in gaza. >> reporter: it's a tragedy that prompted protests all over the world including this one, saturday, in washington. the largest u.s. demonstration yet in protest of the rising
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civilian casualties in gaza. i'm with al jazeera, washington. let's speak to the israeli spokesperson who is live for us in west jerusalem and thank you for joining us on the show, can you please clarify for us what kind of cease fire is happening today in gaza? it seems very unclear just where in the tiny strip is safe. >> yes, the overwhelming majority of the gaza, we have initiated a unilateral cease fire. the idea is to allow all seven-hour period for support for the people of gaza, yesterday we had entry in gaza of 220 trucks carrying humanitarian aid and working aggressively to fix power lines and making sure water flows again. the people of gaza are not the enemy and sent a message to
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foreign governments and agencies they will act to facilitate the immediate transfer of human support to the people of gaza. >> reporter: it's a bit of a misnomer to tie this humanitarian or even cease fire on the situation today because we heard of shelling for example at refugee camps and hit a residential building and we had 30 people killed and 8 wounded and an 8-year-old killed, how can you say this is humanitarian? >> it is humanitarian because except for specific areas, rafa and so forth where the operation against hamas infrastructure continues and overwhelming majority of the gaza strip we cease offensive operations and the idea is to give the people of gaza a seven-hour breather and allow humanitarian work to begin. i remind you we wanted it to be a much longer cease fire but accepted a u.n. proposal.
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>> which you broke. >> and it was negotiated. >> and you broke on friday. >> which the palestinians and hamas broke. >> both sides say the other one broke. >> hamas violated the cease fire. >> u.n. >> army moved forward from its position. >> correct, hamas says that. >> hamas also says today this seven-hour pause that you call it, it's a destruction from really what the rest of the world is talking about today which is israel's strike on the u.n. school in rafa and they are right and say it's a distraction from that. >> first of all let's get our facts right. there was no attack on the u.n. school, no one claims the u.n. school was hit. we are talking about combat outside the school. and let's be also clear on another point there was a legitimate terrorist target and three activists from islamic jihad and a terrorist
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organization around the world and supported by iran with activists. >> what has been said about that attack because yesterday u.n., the head chris ganas was very cautious initially in introducing the strike to israelis and came out and said we find it is unreprehensible about the attack and what do you say about this that happened to ten people? >> i did not say that, i said there was a specific israeli attack on a specific legitimate terrorist target, three people from islamic jihad and knows there appears to be collateral damage and don't know how it happened. was it our ordinance or ordinance from islamic jihad carried with them but it's clear, 100% the school was not
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hit and not targeted and we don't target u.n. >> no but close to facilities where a number of people and children were cueing up to get sweets outside the facility and why is israel targeting anywhere near this u.n. school? >> well, here, with your permission i would like to quote the former director of the former boss who said in an interview a few days ago hamas have a consistent pattern of behavior and shoot rockets from israel adjacent to u.n. facilities and using the facilities as a human shield and the question has to be said, if terrorists are deliberately brutalizing the facilities and using them as human shields. >> i'm not sure where we can look at the present head of chris who said it almost three
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times. >> he is a spokesperson. >> three times they have found hamas rockets in u.n. facilities they were abandoned buildings, not currently being used to shelter thousands of palestinians. >> that is 100% correct. there were three examples not that israel but u.n. says where they were storing rockets in u.n. schools. and the u.n. secretary general himself has ordered an investigation why is it there is a systematic abuse by hamas and terrorists of institutions and if it is once or twice or three times you know there is a behavior that is problematic because the u.n. humanitarian which was supported very much but terrorists are brutalizing u.n. facilities, it's clear. >> you know better than anyone
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how densely populated gaza is. how can you strike even close to a u.n. shelter when you know that thousands of people are staying there? you have even lost the u.s. on this point and says the suspicion that militants operating nearby does not justify strikes that put civilians' lives at risk. >> we are doing our best in a very complicated, combat situation to target the terrorists and not to hit, i repeat not to hit gaza city, they are not our enemy and on the country they are in the regime and in a combat situation accidents can happen and when they do we regret civilian deaths but responsibility falls on hamas that abused the people of gaza and shoots rockets out offensive yanukovich areas and turned gaza civilians into a human shield and there was an
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interview recently and it's clear they have a consistent pattern of behavior to brutalized gaza civilians and exploit them and put them in harm's way. >> thanks for joining us there. and hamas says the palestinian delegation is making progress at talks in cairo and they are discussing a political solution with european officials, talks which israel has not attended. >> translator: meeting was successful and discussed and agreed on a document that includes demands and later we need officials to give them a unified list of demands and there is positive reaction from egypt side and tomorrow we will meet the intelligence director to follow-up on this. >> reporter: still to come here on this program, gaza returns and look at the damage to their
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homes after weeks of israeli bombardment. and hundreds of egyptians escaping violence in libya are going home but thousands remain stranded. ♪ >> can native cultures survive? >> this is about as adversarial as it gets fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> they're locking the door... >> ground breaking... >> we have to get out of here... truth seeking... award winning investigative documentary series the fight for native families only on al jazeera america >> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation...
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>> the government is prepared to carry out mass array...
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♪ hello again, i'm laura kyle and the top stories on al jazeera, humanitarian pause is in effect in gaza but israel's seven-hour truce applies to areas where there is currently no military activity. meanwhile one child has been killed and 30 injured in an attack on a refugee camp in
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northern gaza. israel blamed attack on a u.n. school on hamas saying it used the facility for a human shield and u.n. and u.s. condemned attacks on sunday. and back to the state of the syrian government forces attacked areas near the capital of damascus killing dozens and trying to over throe the government since 2011. israel's offensive in gaza and some residents of a gaza anybody bordering israel have been returning to their homes and nick tells us what they found when they went back. >> a neighborhood two miles from the israeli border usually crowded sandy streets are empty, the shops are shuttered. and the only person, the only woman brave enough to walk down the main road walked through the abandoned market with seven-year-old and wants to tell
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me about her destroyed home. israeli f-16 and air striking interrupt her. so she walks me toward her house. yesterday israeli military told her and all the residents here it was safe to return. but she doesn't know where is safe. as soon as we approached her home and she tells me was hit by an air strike, four more israeli strikes in the distance. all of it is burned she says. and out of her scarf she touches what she says is her last coin. i swear to god i only have two she says and that is the equivalent of 75 cents. for months they used this to launch rockets and israeli
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military pummeled the neighborhood and the population fled. and he came back to inspect his home and he is lucky there is no damage. so he heads into his daughter's room, the one with the mickey mouse stickers and for more than three weeks they lived in a shelter and asked him to go home and bring back much-needed clothes. >> translator: lives lost and family is in a shelter and we don't know where to go, we go to u.n. they hit the shelter, we go to gaza city, they hit gaza city, we came here and they hit here, this is though life. >> reporter: he and his cousins came back for good despite the booms. the middle-class family inspect for damage, but 38-year-old is much less worried about his home than his daughters. how are your little girls doing? >> they had to grow up too fast and no childhood and face
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shelling and bombing and war and have nightmares. >> reporter: his oldest daughter, ten-year-old wouldn't get too close to me. when you saw me in my vest are you scared of us? yes, she says. why we ask. because you speak english she says and the israeli speak english as well. she has seen things that no child should ever see. this house may be intact, but the damage to those who live inside of it won't be easy to heal. >> reporter: as you mentioned earlier diplomates in cairo are attempting to negotiate a cease fire and israel is not at the talks but pialestinians are and the member of parliament have international efforts including those of britain's are useless.
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>> hard to see what contributions we can make to any of this. he has been the middle east envoy since being here in 2007 and barely visited gaza and seems to promote separation of gaza from the west bank and made to contribution whatsoever i can see during the intense conflict of the past 25 days. indeed he spent most of his time in britain and china and if he is serious about a middle east peace do it and if not don't do it, this is ridiculous situation we are in and unclear to what contribution he is taking and surely he should be putting all pressure, if he is serious about this, on israel to attend these talks in gaza, after all the u.n. and all the palestinian factions are there, why isn't israel there? >> three al jazeera journalists have now spent 219 days in egypt prison and convicted after being
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falsely accused of helping the out lawed muslim brotherhood and in june fahmy and greste given seven and mohamed an extra seven and they plan to appeal the convictions and al jazeera continues to demand their release. hundreds of egyptians trying to flee strife-torn libya are finally able to go home and buses picked them up and they will return to egypt but thousands of others are still waiting to be evacuated. since mid july fighting in tripoli and eastern benghazi and we spoke with some egyptians who escaped libya. >> reporter: these are the lucky ones, after days spent at the libyan tunesia border this family was allowed in and thousands of egyptians stranded
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at the border and on sunday hundreds were allowed in after the government promised to send charter flights to take them back to egypt, straight from the border and mostly workers like this man who lost his job in libya after life was unbearable and spent four days at the border before he was allowed to cross. >> translator: so much destruction and not safe and we fear for our lives. >> reporter: thousands worked in libya and when violence took over the oil-rich country a lot of people lost their jobs and ran for their lives. >> reporter: the doors were open and most of the people you see are college graduates and no chance to get a job back home and people are very sad to leave. >> 38-year-old mohamed said there are no closes where he lived and ran away from the state of lawlessness and when i ask how he will support his
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family and children now. >> translator: my children have gone, that is important because there are thousands left behind still stuck at the other side of the border. >> reporter: there is genuine concern here for the fous of egyptians still standed on the libya side of the border and some for over a week. >> translator: it's terrible for them over there and they are stranded in the desert and open air with little water and food, i swear to god it's not fair, human souls are at stake. >> reporter: the workers illustrates how the violence in libya will have a ripped effect on the whole region and security and economic. some workers took the risk and decided to stay in libya for now. others wanted to leave but didn't find a way to get to any border due to the violence and why the workers say they are lucky they even got to this
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point, i'm with al jazeera tunesia. >> to keep up to date with the latest developments this all our stories, 24 hours a day head over to our website and there you can also find blogs from our correspondents in the field, al collection agencies are chase are more than one out of every three americans. if you think you are not one, think again. i tell you about collection for debts you don't know you owe. hardworking and hungry, i'm looking at the reasons why a number of people who have jobs can't put food on the table. >> if you've been out pounding the pavement looking for a job, i'll tell you about a field that needs help with 600,000 positions to fill. i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money."